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Game Development Program Certification Request

Successful certification is achieved after the completion of five three-hour courses, for a total of 15 semester hours. Upon completion of the certification requirements, students apply to the CS Undergraduate Advising Center for the certificate of completion. This certificate may be used as part of a resume or as proof of computational knowledge.

Students may earn the Game Development certificate, accompanied by a letter explaining the program upon completion of the following with grades of C- or better:

* - Required field

General information

*Permanent Address

*Completed Courses:
  • CS 354 Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CS 354R Game Technology
  • CS 354S 2D Game Development Capstone OR
  • CS 354T 3D Game Development Capstone
*CS Game Development Elective:
  • CS 343 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 354S 2D Game Development Capstone
  • CS 354T 3D Game Development Capstone
  • CS 378 Programming for Performance
  • CS 378: Advanced Software Development
  • CS 371D Distributed Computing
  • CS 356 Computer Networks
  • CS 371M Mobile Computing
  • CS 378 Natural Language Processing

*Please indicate whether you want your grades reflected in the program completion letter which accompanies the certificate:

Grades included Grades NOT included

Game Development Program Survey
  1. *Why did you pursue the Game Development Program?

  2. *Do you feel obtaining the certificate gave you an advantage in your job search? How?

  3. *How have the skills you learned in the Game Development courses been of benefit to you? Your current job title?

  4. *Any other comments you would like to make?